Welcome to the Fermilab EAF documentation!

The Fermilab Elastic Analysis Facility is a kubernetes-based platform providing services for integrated data, software and computational resources to execute one or more elements of scientific analysis workflows for Fermilab experiments and scientists. These resources are centrally managed by the Scientific Computing Division at Fermilab as part of the EAF project and generally available for all Fermilab users. Check out the userdocs/index section for more information on environments, general user documentation for the analysis tools ecosystem and navigating the UI.


You can get help by:
  • Filing a ticket via ServiceNow

  • Joining the #eaf-users channel on fnal.slack.com (e-mail eaf-admins AT fnal.gov for an invitation if you don’t already have access to the slack)

  • Joining and emailing the mailing list: eaf-users@fnal.gov


  1. Connect to VPN or make sure you are connected to a Fermilab network.

  2. Navigate to the JupyterHub home page https://analytics-hub.fnal.gov

  3. Log in with your SERVICES account credentials.